IAAS Netherlands committee

IAAS Netherlands is at the moment an applicant committee. 


We are looking for new members !


Are you interessted in joining this world-wide network of students and by this be able to travel a lot and meet many new students from all over the world in combination with learning about agriculture and related sciences. 

Please contact us via the contact details you'll find on the right. 

The committee will be coöperating with the " De Boerengroep" foundation.  


De Boerengroep is a foundation that aims to connect farmers and students. They bring students into the field, to get some practical experience and to get to know some Dutch farmers. They bring farmers into lecture rooms, to discuss hot agricultural topics.
De Boerengroep organizes activities like field trips, symposia, lectures, group discussions, interactive theatre and practical training courses. Also supporting interdisciplinary research projects focusing on sustainable agriculture and producing informative material are included like field trips, symposia, lectures, group discussions, interactive theatre and practical training courses. 


With the coöporation between the Boerengroep and IAAS both strengths of the organisations (national, respectively international) will be combined. 


For more information about De Boerengroep, please visit: http://www.boerengroep.nl/english/


Farm Experience Boerengroep

Are you or students you know interested in an exchange in The Netherlands?
Take the opportunity to join the Farm Experience Internship this summer offered by De Boerengroep, the Dutch student organisation that coöperates with IAAS Netherlands. 
The internship is organized for students who would like to work on a farm in the Netherlands on a voluntary basis for at least two weeks. Students will get a sleeping place and food in return. Besides students get the opportunity to join all activities of Stichting Boerengroep during this period.


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The IAAS Netherlands committee will be housed at the Wageningen University:


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